European periodicals of the wartime period, 1939 -- 1945, 1933-1945
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Brief Description:

Overall, the selected publications reflect on the course of the Second World War and geopolitical situation in the world.

This Record Group consists of the following sub-collections: RG-79.01, Hungarian periodicals, 1939 -- 1945; RG-79.02, Soviet periodicals in Russian language, 1941 -- 1948; RG-79.03, French periodicals, 1939 -- 1945; RG-79.04, Italian periodicals, 1939 -- 1945; RG-79.05, Yugoslavian periodicals, 1939 -- 1945; RG-79.06, American periodicals, 1941 -- 1945.

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Record Series Number: RG-79/RG-79
Created by: Editorial boards and contributors (1933 - 1945)
Volume: 4.0 Boxes
Subject Index
8 Orai Ujsag, 8 O'clock News, Hungarian periodical, 1939 -- 1945
8 Orai Ujsag, Hungarian newspaper (circa 1942)
A Mai Nap (Today's Day), Hungarian wartime periodical
A Nep, The People, Hungarian periodical, 1945
Anti-Jewish measures and legislation, Hungary
A Potsdami Ertekezlet, the Potsdam Conference, July 1945, photo-documents
A Reggel, the Next Morning, Hungarian periodical,  1945
Arrow Cross Party, Hungarian national socialist movement led by Ferenc Szalasi, 1935 -- 1945
Budapest (Hungary)
Esti Kis Ujsag (Evening News), Hungarian Wartime newspaper, 1939 -- 1945
Ferenc Szalasi was the leader of the fascist Arrow Cross party and prime minister of Hungary
Friss Ujsag, The Latest News, Hungarian periodical,  1939 --1945
Fuggelten Magyarorszag, Independent Hungary, wartime Hungarian periodical, editorial articles
Fuggelton Magyarorszag, wartime Hungarian newspaper, 1943
Fuggetlenseg Esti Ujsag, Independence, Evening News, Hungarian periodical, 1945
Harc, The Struggle, Hungarian anti-Semitic newspaper published in Budapest by Zoltan Bosniak,  1944
Hungarian cabinet of ministers, wartime, ca 1944
Hungarian foreign and domestic politics, 1940 -- 1945
Hungarian periodicals of the wartime, editorial and program articles, 1939 -- 1945
Hungary in alliance with Nazi Germany, 1940 -- 1945
Imredy-Bardossy-Sztojay-Szalasi, Hungarian pro-fascist government,  1944
Istvan Horthy, son of the Regent Miklos Horthy, air pilot, 1904 - 1942
Kossuth Nepe, People of Kossuth, Hungarian periodical, 1939 -- 1945
Ludas Matyi (Mattie the Goose-boy), a Hungarian epic poem, also a newspaper, 1945
Magyar Nemzet, editorial articles and program articles, 1939 -- 1945
Magyarorsza'g (Hungary), wartime periodical, 1939 -- 1945
Magyar Orszem, The Hungarian Watch, radical periodical, ca 1944
Magyar Szo, A Hungarian Word, a newspaper published in Vojvodina, Serbia,  1944
Nemzetor, A Militiaman, Hungarian periodical, 1945
Nep Sport, People Sport, Hungarian periodical,  1945
Nepszava (People's Voice), Hungarian social-democratic newspaper, 1877 -- 1948
Osszetartas, Solidarity, Hungarain periodical, 1944
Periodicals, Hungarian
Pest, a Hungarian newspaper published in Budapest, 1939 -- 1945
Pesti Ujsag (Hungarian national socialist wartime newspaper, 1939-1945)
Pesti Ujsag, Hungarian periodical of national-socialist content, editorial and analytical articles
Pestujsag, Hungarian periodical of national-socialist content, 1939 -- 1945
Publications of the anti-Jewish measures in the Hungarian newspapers, 1944
Reggeli Ujsag, Morning News, 1939 -- 1945
Reggeli Ujsag, Morning News, Hungarian periodical, 1945
Szabad Majus (Free May), editorial and program articles, Hungarian newspaper, 1945
Szabad Majus (Free May), Hungarian newspaper, published in May 1945
Szabad Nep, Free People, Hungarian postwar periodical, 1945
Szabad Nep, Hungarian communist newspaper, 1945
Szabad Nep, Hungarian communist newspaper, editorial and program articles, 1945
Szabadsag, Free Public, Hungarian language periodical, 1945
Szabad Vajdasag, Free Vojvodina, Hungarian language newspaper, 1945
Uj Magyarsag, The New Hungary, radical periodical, 1944 -- 1945
Uj Szo, A New Word, Hungarian periodical
Vasarnap Del Tol, By Sunday Afternoon, periodical, ca 1944
Vilag, World, Hungarian postwar periodical, 1945
Vilaglapja, World Illustrative Journal in Hungarian
Zoltan Bosnyak, publisher of the Hungarian antisemitic newspaper Harc, wartime
Genres/Forms of Material
Magyar Nemzet (The Hungarian Nation), Hungarian periodical
Warfare in the light on Hungarian periodicals
Languages of Materials
Hungarian [hun]
German [ger]