Nazi-German Artifacts and Memorabilia, 1933-1945
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Brief Description: This Record Group is comprised of various Nazi-German awards, medals, decorations, insignias and like worn by the servicemen and civilians during the Nazi era. This Collection also includes a number of sub-collection relate to the attributes of the parade German uniform, namely knifes, daggers, saber, epaulettes, and like. There is also the sub-collection of various state and army Nazi flags. The following collections are included, RG-36.01, German decorations, awards, medals, and insignias; RG-36.02, Daggers, sabers, and parade arms; RG-36.03, Nazi-German flags; RG-36.04, Nazi-German coins; RG-36.05, Nazi-German paraphernalia;RG-36.06;  Lyle S. Bettger Collection; RG-36.07, Oak Chest Poker Chips; RG-36.08, Nazi-German rubber stamps; RG-36.09, Personal and official documents; RG-36.10, Miscellaneous artifacts, RG-36.11 Nazi-German Cutlery
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Record Series Number: RG-36/RG-36
Created by: NSDAP, National Socialist German Workers' Party (1933 -- 1945), Goverment of Nazi Germany (193 -- 1945), Nazi Party, agencies (1933 -- 1945)
Volume: 0.0
Arrangement: Materials are arranged by subject/creator, then by identifier, as assigned by the processor.
Biographical Note for NSDAP, National Socialist German Workers' Party (1933 -- 1945) : NSDAP becomes a ruling German party and the major player in domestic and foreign policy of Germany since March 1933. Until beginning of May 1945, it held administrative, military and political power in Germany and in Germany-occpupied and controlled territories.
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National Socialist Ideology
National Socialist Symbols
Nazi-German banners
Nazi-German decorations, medals and awards
Nazi-German insignias
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