Soviet Partisans, 1941 -- 1960
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Brief Description: This record groups consists of three sub-collections, namely the  Burmanshtein Papers; Partisan Artifacts and Soviet-Jewish Partisans, photographs. Personal documents are largely the originals, while the photo-documents are of secondary print.
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Created by: Grojnom Aronovich Burmanstein (1942 -- 1944), Soviet partisan command (1942 -- 1944)
Volume: 0.0
Biographical Note for Grojnom Aronovich Burmanstein (1942 -- 1944) : Grojnom Aronovich Burmanstein took part in the combat operations of the Ponamarenko Brigade, a Soviet partisan formation in the Brest region
Subject Index
Documents in English language
Documents in Russian language
Grojnom Aronovich Bumanstein (George Burman), personal memoir, postwar
Grojnom Aronovich Burmanstein, partisan of the Soviet Belarus partisan unit, certificate, July 1944
Jewish partisans' family camps
Jewish partisans, family camps, 1941 -- 1944, photo-documents
Jewish partisans in the Soviet partisans' units, 1941 -- 1944
Lipicznay Forest (Lipiczany, Poland)
Naliboki Forest (Naliboki, Poland)
Narratives in English language
Narratives in Russian language
Partisan units, Soviet, 1941 -- 1944
Poland (1939 --1945)
Ponomarenko Brigade, Soviet partisan brigade of the Belorussian partisan association, 1941 -- 1944
Soviet-Jewish partisan, a photograph of the unit, the former north-east Poland
Soviet-Jewish partisans
Soviet-Jewish partisans, a group photographs, the former north-east Poland
Soviet-Jewish partisans, combat units, 1941 -- 1944
Soviet-Jewish partisans, combat units, 1941 --1944, photo-documents
Soviet-Jewish partisans, individuals, 941 -- 1944, Misha Kacowicz and his brother, a photograph
Soviet-Jewish partisans, individuals, 1941 -- 1944
Soviet-Jewish partisans, personal documents
Soviet-Jewish partisans, photo-documents
Soviet-Jewish partisans, proofs of partisanship, 1941 -- 1944
Soviet-Jewish partisans units, areas of operations
Soviet partisans
Soviet partisans, individuals weapon, 1941 -- 1944
Soviet partisans, military artifcts, 1941 -- 1944
Soviet partisan units near the Sobibor extermination center, photo-documents, 1942 -- 1944
The Soviet Belorussia, Soviet partisan unit, 1941 -- 1944
The USSR (1941--1945)
Genres/Forms of Material
Soviet partisans, individual weapon, 1941 -- 1944, Revolver Nagant
Soviet partisans, military artifacts, 1941 -- 1944, Field map bag
Languages of Materials
Russian [rus]
English [eng]