Postwar Trials for the Crimes  Against  Peace, Humanity and  War Crimes, Germany, 1945 – 1949, 1945-1949
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A David Lippert Collection comprises narratives penned by the judge David Lippert. He analyses the new principles of the International Military Tribunal organized by the mutual Allies’ agreement for the purpose to bring to justice and to outlaw the crimes against peace, humanity, as well as the war crimes. Judge Lippert theorizes over the new legal principles that came into international legal practice as a result of Nurnberg International Military Tribunal, 1945 – 1946 and then were further developed by the United Nations. Until Federal Republic of Germany was established in October 1949, the international teams of jurists were primarily responsible for conducting multiple trials over the former members of Nazi party, German security agencies and the military who were regarded responsible for the crimes against peace, humanity and for the war crimes.

In other words, A David Lippert Collection comprises theoretical discourse over the new principal of international law and its eliciting into practical implementation.

Jim and Jessica Watson Collection comprises ample high profile trials conducted by the Allies’ jurists in Nurnberg in 1947 – 1948. These records, in German language, represent the court proceedings in the number of sound cases, such as United States of America vs. Otto Ohlendorf; United States of America vs. Ernst von Weizsaecker, et. al; and Final Brief of the Criminal Responsibility of Weizsaecker, Steengracht, Woerman Under Count V of the Indictment  (Murder of the Jews of Europe,. Part I, Part I1, Nurnberg, 15 November 1948. Another sub-collection is the Buchenwald Case or The United States of America vs. Josias Prince Zu Waldek Et Al. A wide array of Nazi governmental and military high-ranking officials stood trials for various crimes including perpetration of murder by command and for the conspiracy.

There is also a separate collection of court records on a series of Nurnberg Trials against Peace, Humanity and War Crimes. This collection consists of the theoretical documents such as Principles and Recommendations on conducting trials against peace, humanity and war crimes. Separate proceedings reflect investigations and trials conducted because of the mass extermination of the European Jewry. Two documents comprise lists of the accused, incriminated to them crimes and sentencing.

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Created by: Jim and Jessica Watson, David Lippert
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Arrangement: These three collections reflect on the new principles of international law, as long as crimes against peace, humanity and war crimes are concerned. On the other hand, these materials serve as a valuable historic source on the criminal activity of the National Socialist government of Germany and specifically on the role of the leading figures of this Government in multiple crimes in the course of the Second World War.
Biographical Note for Jim and Jessica Watson : Jim Watson was in US military legal service
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Complicity in the Holocaust
David Lippert, judge advocate, military and civil jurist, postwar Germany
Denazification in postwar Germany, analysis and reflection by David Lippert, judge advocate
Documentation of Nazi German warcrimes, postwar
Guiding documents issued by International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 1947, 1948
Jim and Jessica Watson Collection of the Nurembert International Tribunal proceedings, 1948
Judicial and political conclusion regarding postwar trials against humanity over Nazi Germany
Judicial codification of the Nuremberg Principles, article by David Lippert, judge advocate, postwar
Military Tribunals of International Crimes, references in David Lippert narratives, postwar Germany
Postwar trials against humanity, war crimes, postwar Germany
Second World War, 1939 -- 1945
Transcripts of warcrime proceedings, Nuremberg, 1947, 1948
Trials of high profiles by the Allies jurists, Nuremberg, 1947, 1948
war crimes trials
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