Dachau Concentration Camp, 1941-1946
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This record group is comprised of materials related to Dachau concentration camp, documenting the administrative aspects of the camp authorities and its personnel; the murderous activities undertaken in the camp; and post-liberation documents which provide evidence of Nazi crimes and postwar trials of the camp personnel.

The correspondence within this record group include letters between the Gestapo in Munich, as well as other German police and security agencies with the Office of the Dachau camp commandant. Additionally, there are also the reports issued by the Dachau Commandant Office. These reports deal with daily activity, including the executions carried out for the Soviet Prisoners of War.

Other documents originate with the Allied military administration. For example, these such materials shed light on the murderous activities of the Nazi security agencies, in the concentration camps and prisoner of war camps, specifically regarding the mass killings of the Soviet (Russian) prisoners of war in October-November 1941 and April-May 1942. These documents, originating from the three different offices--the Commandmant Office of the Dachau concentration camp; the office of the Stalag VII A in Moosbourg; and from the office of Criminal Counsel Weyrauch--do not reveal the causes for the daily extermination of the Soviet (Russian) prisoners of war, mainly young soldiers, on the grounds of the Dachau concentration camp.

The linked documentary, within this record group, is streamed from the Film and Video Archive of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, and is titled Atrocities at Dachau.

Materials in this record group include reports by the Special Services of the U.S. Seventh Army; diaries and testimonies; official documents; photographs; and a linked documentary from USHMM.

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Created by: Allied Authorities, US Military Government in Germany, Gestapo and Dachau commandant offices (1945 -- 1946)
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Record group is comprised of four collections and one item, the collections of which are: 1. Collection on the Commandmant Office of Dachau concentration camp; 2. Dachau concentration camp photo album; 3. Dachau concentration camp photo-booklet; 4. Special Services of the US Seventh Army overview reports.

Biographical Note for Allied Authorities, US Military Government in Germany, Gestapo and Dachau commandant offices (1945 -- 1946) : This record group combines records originated from the Gestapo and the Commandant office of Dachau concentrtion camp, as well as documents produced by the US Military Goverment with regard to investigation of Nazi crimes against humanity and peace
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Other Formats: The documentary, Atrocities at Dachau, is linked from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and can be found here: http://resources.ushmm.org/film/display/detail.php?file_num=56.
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