Ukrainian Collaborationist Newspapers, Lvivski Vist, Krakivski Visti, and Wolyn, 1940-1945
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This record group is comprised of the periodicals Krakivski Visti, Lvivski Visti, and Wolyn, a group of Ukrainian collaborator newspapers during the Second World War. Initiated by the Ukrainian civil administration, the publication of Ukrainian-language newspapers in German-occupied Galicia, Lvivski Visti and Krakivski Visti began publication soon after the German Army invaded first Poland (Krakivski Visti) and then the USSR (Lvivski Visti). Expropriation of formerly-owned Jewish publishing houses became possible as a result of the process called Aryanization (transferring of Jewish property to non-Jewish individuals or organizations). Thus Jewish publishing houses in Lviv and Cracow were aryanized and given to the Ukrainian organizations, which allowed for the publication of periodicals such as these.

All periodicals are digitized.

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Created by: Lvivski Visti, Krakivski Visti, Wolyn (1941)
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The arrangement scheme for the record group was imposed during processing in the absence of an original order. Materials are arranged by publication, then by identifier, as assigned by the processor.

Record group is comprised of three collections: 1. Krakivski Visti publications; 2. Lvivski Visti publications; 3. Wolyn publications.

Subject Index
Collaboration between Ukrainian auxiliary police and German authorities, 1941 -- 1945
collaboration in the Holocaust
District Galicia (General Government: Administrative Unit), 1941 -- 1945
Documents in Ukrainian language
Eastern Galicia (Poland: Region)
General Government (German-occupied Poland), 1939 -- 1945
Holocaust in Ukraine
Ideology of Ukrainian Nationalism
Krakivski Visti, Ukrainian collaborating with German Authorities periodical in Cracow, 1940 -- 1945
Lemberg (Poland: General Government: District Galicia), 1941 -- 1944
Lviv (Ukraine)
Lvivski Visti, Ukrainian collaborating with German Authorities periodical, Lviv, 1940 --1944
Lwow (Poland)
Narratives in Ukrainian language
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)
periodicals, Ukrainian
Poland (1939 --1945)
Theory of Ukrainian Nationalism
Ukraine (1939-1945)
Ukrainian -- Jewish Relation under the Nazi-German regime in Eastern Galicia, 1941 -- 1944
Ukrainian - German Relations, 1939 -- 1941
Ukrainian - German Relations, 1941 -- 1945
Ukrainian administrative and police authorities in Eastern Galicia, 1941 -- 1944
Ukrainian Auxiliary Police
Ukrainian collaborating with German authorities periodicals in Cracow, 1940 --1945
Ukrainian collaborating with German authorities periodicals in Lviv, 1941 -- 1944
Ukrainian combat SS Division Galicia, 1944
Ukrainian military formations in the Second World War, 1939 -- 1945
Ukrainian national aspirations
Ukrainian political spectrum in Eastern Galicia, 1941 -- 1945
Ukrainian public organizations in Eastern Galicia under the Nazi-German regime, 1941 -- 1944
Ukrainian Society of East Galicia in relation to Nazi-German cause, 1939 --1945
Wolyn (Volhynia), Ukrainian collaborating periodical, 1941
Wolyn province (1940 -- 1945)
Genres/Forms of Material
Eastern Galicia (Ukraine: Region)
Languages of Materials
Ukrainian [ukr]
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