Family Histories, 1916-2009
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This record group through the materials of family histories embodies regional microhistories of prewar, wartime, and postwar period. For example, the Cohen family papers exemplifies the lesser-known facts of the relations between the Italian Fascist regime and the Jewish population in the early years of the Fascist regime. Overall, the families represented in this record group belonged to the Jewish middle class and were well-assimilated. Among the individual documents that stand out is a postcard written by Maria Altman in 1932. This postcard depicts the Castle in Panenske Brezany, Czechoslovakia. Once Reinhard Heidrich had been appointed the Protector of Bohemia and Moravia, this castle became one of his official residences.

Materials included in this record group are personal papers, correspondence, family albums, identification documents, testimonies, and official documents. A number of these documents are digitized.

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Created by: Auslander, Sari, Blumenfeld, Helga, Cohen family, Cohen, Naile, Flagg, Edith (1919-), Gerard, Betti (1934-), Gumener family, Gumener, Sara, Jontoff-Hutter, Otto, Kubaschka family, Kubaschka, David, Posner family, Posner, Ralph, Posner, Sarah, Rapaport, Joseph (1922-), Talerant family, Webster, D.R.
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The arrangement scheme for the record group was imposed during processing in the absence of an original order. Materials are arranged by family name/creator, then by identifier, as assigned by the processor.

Record group is comprised of ten collections: 1. Posner family follection; 2. Kubaschka family collection; 3. Vienna family history collection; 4. Cohen family papers; 5. Jontof-Hutter family collection; 6. Phillip Raucher collection; 7. Sari Auslander papers; 8. Leo Baeck Institute collection; 9. Gumener family collection; 10. Edith Flagg papers. RG-16.11, D. R. Webster Collection: Album of Budapest, 1944 – 1945. RG-16.12, Joseph Rapaport Collection

Biographical Note for Auslander, Sari : Sari Auslander was born on August 14, 1910 in Poland. resided in the New Palestine Displaced Persons Camp from October 2, 1945 until December 11, 1946. On February 7, 1947, she embarked on the S.S. Ernie Pyle for the United States. She arrived on February 18, 1947 in New York. Just after she married, Sari was naturalized as a U.S. citizen on August 28, 1953.
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Auslander, Sari
Blumenfeld, Helga
Cohen family
family histories
Flagg, Edith
Germany (Europe)
Gumener family
Italian Fascism
Italy (Europe)
Jewish experience, Italian, 1918 -- 1945
Jontof-Hutter family
Kubaschka family
Panenske Brezany (Czechoslovakia)
Personal correspondence
Photographs, postwar, 1945 -- 1988
Photographs, pre-Second World War
Photographs, wartime, 1939 -- 1945
Poland (Europe)
Posner family
Rapaport, Joseph
Raucher, Philip
Talerant family
Totalitarian regimes
Webster, D.R.
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