Henry Schwab, Correspondences and related documents of the wartime and postwar and modern periods, Poland, 1970-1996
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Brief Description:

This record group includes paper documents, namely postcards, envelopes, postal receipts and unissued paper currency -- all related to the correspondence (and other papers) used to and from Warsaw (Poland) during the wartime era.

The postcards, envelopes and postal receipts either are related to Warsaw as the sender or receiving address. The general theme of the content is the fleeing of Polish Jews. Some of the postcards and receipts have a sending address to various Jewish emigration committees from a Polish Jew in Warsaw. Other postcards are inquiries as to the well-being of a family member who has fled. The theme is common.

A unique part of this collection includes is what is known as Warsaw Ghetto post office unissued paper currency in various denominations. The currency was allegedly produced by the Jewish underground in Spring 1941. The common inscription printed on the currency is "RZWW", "SZDP", a Star of David and the denomination. The initials for RZWW and SPDZ spelled out in full translate to "Jewish Postal Authorities" and "Jewish Council in Warsaw".

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Record Series Number: RG-110/RG-110
Created by: Henry Schwab, researcher and collector (1970s -- 1990s)
Volume: 4.0 Folders
Subject Index
Adam Czerniakow, Chairman of the Jewish Council of Warsaw, 1939-1942
Berlin (Germany)
Boston (Massachusetts, United States)
Bronx, New York (USA)
Central Committee for Polish Jews, Warsaw
Chaim Klaper, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Chelm (Poland)
Communication via International Red Cross Service
Correspondence between German-occupied and un-occupied territories
Correspondence between individual and Jewish agencies, the Second World War
Correspondence between Jewish agencies in the German-occupied territories, the Second World War
Correspondences in Poland in the course of the Second World War
Correspondence to and from Relief and Rehabilitation organizations
David and Regina Ceder, Warsaw ghetto inmates
Dawid Roth, Warsaw ghetto inmate
day-to-day life in the Warsaw ghetto
Dolina (Poland)
Edmund Gawarecki, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Eli Kogau, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Feiga Gunanie, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Fryduyk Tugeutel, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Geneva (Switzerland)
Gitla Goldin, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Helena Lipinski, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Henryk Jakubih, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Henry Schwab, researcher and collector (1970s -- 1990s)
HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
International Committee of the Red Cross
Jewish-Polish refugees in Portugal, 1939 -- 1945
Jewish Council (Judenrat) of the Warsaw ghetto
Jewish Council (Judenrat) of Warsaw
Jewish Immigration
Jewish Labor Committee, New York
Jewish Postal Authorities of Warsaw ghetto, Rada Zydow w Warszwie
Jewish Self-Help Society, Warsaw
Josefine Kanishe, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Josek Buksztajn, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Krakow, Poland
Lisbon (Portugal)
Lodz (Poland)
Lowicz (Poland)
Lublin (Poland)
Maks Derbaum, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Marc Lichtenbaum, Chairman of the Jewish Council of Warsaw, 1942-1943
Maria Chmura, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Maria Krzymowska, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Maria Piechowich, Warsaw ghetto inmate
New York (New York, United States)
Ostrowiec (Poland)
Paris (France)
Poland (Europe)
Postal receipts, Second World War
Postal Service of Jewish Councils (Judenraete), 1939 -- 1945
Refugee correspondence in the course of the Second World War
Refugees, Polish
RELICO (Relief Committee for the Warstricken Jewish Population, Geneva
Rita Weinik, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Roza Kranenwald, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Ruchla Goldberg, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Rzeszow (Poland)
Smuggling in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1940 --1943
Tadeusz Gryzewski, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Teresa Pajwsinska, Warsaw ghetto inmate
Unissued postal currency, Warsaw ghetto
Warsaw (Poland)
Warsaw (Poland: ghetto)
Yola Rosenbaum, Warsaw ghetto inmate
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Polish [pol]
German [deu]
English [eng]