Irena Lusky Collection, 1930-1948
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Brief Description: It is a personal account on ethnonational discourse in interwar Lithunia, on the hardship under the Nazi-German regime, on collaboratin and resistance in the Holocaust and on the Jewish national cause in the British-mandated Palestine.
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Created by: Lusky, Irena (1925 --)
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Biographical Note for Lusky, Irena (1925 --) :

Irena Lusky donated her manuscript to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

the Document is a typewritten manuscript on 172 pages. Pages 163-171 are missing. The given last page 172 is not a final narrative for it only commences the epilogue. Apparently, it is a lack of the final one or two pages, although the narrative can be deemed complete by the page 172. The narrative is placed in a pocket folder.

Subject Index
Abba Kovner, commander of the Jewish resistance group in Lithuania, 1941 -- 1944
Aliyah Bet, Jewish illegal immigration to Palestine, 1934 – 1948
Bet Zera' (Israel)
Bricha Movement, underground organized effort to bring Jewish survivors to Palestine, 1945 – 1948
Bydgoszcz (Poland)
Duel Family, interwar Lithuania
Estonia (1940 -- 1945)
FPO (Fareinikte Partizaner Organizatsie, United Partisan Organization), a Jewish resistance
Germany (1941 -- 1945)
Giv'atayim (Israel)
Haganah, a Jewish paramilitary organization in the British Mandate of Palestine from 1921 to 1948
IG Farben, a German chemical industry conglomerate, used slave labor, wartime
Israel (1948 --1967)
Jacob Gens, Chairman of Judenrat (Jewish Council) in Vilnius, supporter of Jewish resistance
Jewish history, modern
Kaunas (Lithuania)
Klooga (Estonia: Concentration camp)
Latvia (1939-1945)
Riga-Kaiserwald (Latvia: Concentration Camp)
Tamara Duel, former prisoner of German concentration camps, survivor
The Jewish Brigade, Jewish Palestinian Infantry unit of the British Army, 1944 -- 1946
Thirteen Fort, Kaunas (Kovno) Fortress, Lithuania
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English [eng]
Lithuanian [lit]
German [ger]
Hebrew [heb]