Isaak Gasnik Collection of the Netherlands News, 1939-1945
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These periodicals would  usually comprise the following rubrics:

The Netherlands in Europe (Occupied Holland)

Section A: Measures by German Authorities. Nazi Activities

Section B: Economy and Finance

Section C: Resistance

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Created by: The Netherlands Government in Exile (1940 -- 1945), The Netherlands Information Bureau of the Government in Exile (1940 -- 1945)
Volume: 1.0 Boxes
Biographical Note for The Netherlands Government in Exile (1940 -- 1945) : These periodicals published by the Netherlands Information Bureau in New York, 1940 -- 1945
Subject Index
anti-Nazi Resistance, propaganda
Armed forces, Dutch in the course of the Second World War
Coalition of United and Allied Nations, 1939 -- 1945
Countries of anti-Hitler Coalition
Documents in English language
East Indies, the Netherlands colonies
German invasion of the Netherlands, May 1940
Military forces of United and Allied Nations of anti-Hitler Coalition, 1939 -- 1945
Narratives in English language
Nazi-German occupation regime in the Netherlands, 1940 -- 1945
Netherlands News, publication of the Netherlands government-in-exile, 1940 -- 1945
Netherlands under German occupation (1940 -- 1945)
Periodical, Dutch, 1940 -- 1945
Periodical, Dutch, published by the Netherlands Information Bureau in New York, 1940 -- 1945
Resistance in the Netherlands to the German occupation regime, 1940 -- 1945
Soldiers from the Netherlands and its colonies in the course of the Second World War
The Netherlands (1940--1945)
The Netherlands, Government-in-exile, 1940 -- 1945
the Netherlands, history, 20th century
the Netherlands Information Bureau, New York, 1940 -- 1945
West Indies, the Netherlands, colonies
Languages of Materials
English [eng]