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This record group, subdivided into four sub-collections, contains official publications issued by the Allied military authorities. These documents vary in content and form. Included are guidelines and instructions for military and civil administration and reference materials related to former Nazi-German authorities. This record group also comprises documents on the German administrative structure during the war, as well as the postwar documents issued by the Allied and new German administrations. Another sub-collection contains maps of Germany and the neighboring regions. Lastly, there is a sub-collection of documents related to Allied-controlled and Allied-authorized war and postwar publications.

Organization, documents, books, booklets, maps, photographs, newspapers. Majority of the materials is digitized.

Language, German, English

RG-03.01. US Military Command, wartime and postwar documents

RG-03.01.01. Who’s Who in Germany and Austria, in two parts, as of 31 March 1945

This edition is believed to have been prepared and published by the British Authorities.

These two volumes comprise the reference book and the directory book.

The reference book includes, The glossary that is a translation or explanation of a number of current German ranks, titles, and technical terms; Administrative Directory on the Central Authorities, Regional Authorities, Correlation Tables, Table of Place Name Equivalents, Table of Ranks.

The administrative Directory provides biographical and career information on the German civil and military personnel and Nazi party officials.

This book is a unique edition, an essential source for research on the political system and history of Nazi Germany.

RG-03.01.02. Arrest Categories Handbook

Issued by Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force in April 1945 for Germany.


The Handbook consists of three parts: Introduction, The Categories of Automatic Arrest, and Analysis of the Arrest Categories.

These instructions categorize the Nazi organizational and military hierarchy.

Language: German and English

RG-03.01.03. Civil Affairs Information Guide: Modern Civil Law. War Department Pamphlet. No. 31-102.  4 May 1944.

An overview of the judicial system in the United States and other European countries.

RG-03.01.04. Directives to Commanding Generals, Military Districts

Issued by the Headquarters of United States Forces, European Theater in July 1945.

Title: Administration of Military Government in the U.S. Zone in Germany. Restricted

These directives constitute a set of direction for the administration of Military Government in the Military Districts of the U.S. Zone of occupation in Germany.

RG-03.02. DP Camps and Jewish Affairs

RG-03.02.01. Dr. Wilhelm Weinberg, Frankfurt, Service at the reopening of the Frankfurt synagogue, 1950.

RG-03.02.02. Displaced Persons, Refuges, and Recovered Allied Military Personnel. Report of the General Board, United States Forces, European Theater.

                        Restricted military planning and analysis. Study No. 35.

                        The mission of this study was to prepare reports and recommendations

<p style="margin-left:1.0in;"> concerning the responsibilities, and operational activities of Civil Affairs and Military Government in connection with the care, control and reparation of displaced persons, refugees, and recovered Allied military personnel.

This Report consists of nine parts comprising the following themes:

-General Provisions;

-Refugee Activities in a Retirement (Ardennes Campaign)

-Displaced Persons Operations in Germany

-Enemy Refugees


-Welfare of Civilian Population

-The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

-Recovered Allied Military Personnel in Relation to Displaced Persons

-Conclusions and Recommendations

Overall, this report presents a historical source on the Allied Administration’s experience in dealing with displaced persons and refugees in their zone of control, as early as 1944. This Report can also be seen as a record of how the Allied Administration planned, administered, and executed multiple acts and measures in order to resolve and relieve the overwhelming issues of the displaced persons, refugees, and other affected by the warfare in Europe.

RG-03.02.03. Harry Greenstein, Adviser on Jewish Affairs to US Command in Germany

                        and Austria. Final Report. Heidelberg, Germany, 1 November 1949.

This report was issued to the American Jewish Committee, American Joint Distribution Committee, Jewish Agency for Palestine, and the World Jewish Congress.

This Report consists of the following chapters: Introduction, Progress in the Solution of the DP Problem, Handling of Specific Issues, Efforts on Behalf of the Kulturgemeinden in Germany and Austria, Current Problems, Recommendations, Appreciations, and Personal Note.

Mr. Greenstein, as an adviser on Jewish Affairs in Germany and Austria, has gathered extensive materials of social, demographic, and political character with regard to the Displaced Persons. His thoughtful analysis and recommendations enabled the governmental organizations and the Jewish public agencies to develop the comprehensive measures, ensuring alleviation of hardships on the part of the Displaced Persons.

Mr. Greenstein also explored the avenues of possible integration at least of a small portion of the Jewish DP camps population into the revived Jewish cultural communities in Germany and Austria. Mr. Greenstein remained grossly concerned of the becoming uncontrolled in near future the German nationalism and anti-Semitism.

In a macro perspective, his recommendations were the following:

<ol> <li> The early transfer of the medical hard core group to Israel;</li> <li> The necessity for not relaxing the effort to broaden the definition of the class who may be exempt from the Equalization of Burdens Law;</li></ol> The need for close vigilance of the further development of anti-Semitism in Germany.

RG-03.03. Documents regarding the Surrender of Germany and civil affairs

RG-03.03.01. Germany Surrenders Unconditionally: Facsimiles of the Documents deposited in The National Archives

                        Published by the United States Government Printing Office, Washington,

                        D.C., 1945

RG-03.03.02. Bonn Constitution: Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

                        The Constitution consists of Preamble and Nine Chapters or 146 Articles


                        This Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, popularly known as

                        the “Bonn Constitution,” was adopted in Bonn by a Parliamentary Council

                        65 German political leaders, meeting from September 1948 to May 1949.

                        These men were the representatives of the 46,000,000 Germans in the

                        Western zones of Germany.

                        This printed text is the agreed Anglo-American translation.

                        Published by the Department of State: European and British

                        Commonwealth Series. Washington, D.C., June 1949.

RG-03.04. US Military Government documents, US zone of occupation 1945-1948

RG-03.04.01. Information Bulletin. Magazine of US Military Government in Germany. No. 142, 24 August 1948. +145

The Information Bulletin is the biweekly magazine of the Office of Military Government in Germany for the dissemination of authoritative information concerning the policies, regulations, instructions, operations and activities of Military Government and affiliated organizations

RG-03.04.02. I and E Bulletin, Vol.1, No.24, 8 September 1946. I and E Bulletin. Troop Information Program. A periodical publication for US military and civilian personnel. This publication serves as an informational, as well as a historical and socio-political, source for the post-war Germany.

RG-03.04.03. American Occupation Women’s Voluntary Service, Circle of Cooperation Bulletin No. 1. The subject of this bulletin is “Progress of women’s activities throughout the zone and report of the first conference held in Frankfurt, January 13 and 14, 1948.” This organization came about when several wives joined their husbands after the war in occupied Germany and attempted to help displaced persons and various other post-war issues. The bulletin reports their efforts and the situation in Frankfurt.

Date: January 1948

Language: English

Location: Frankfurt

RG-03.04.04. Appeal, urging Germans to be tolerant and eradicate Nazi ideology

RG-03.04.05. Notification of a speaker that will be visiting the GI Council of Frankfurt, named is Joshua Starr. He will speak about materials and works that Nazis looted from Jews and how to deal with those materials when found etc.

Date: 16 June 1948 (date of speaker)

Language: English

Location: Frankfurt (location of speaking event)

RG-03.04.06. List and notes

RG-03.04.07. The minutes to a meeting of what is presumed to be the GI council, there is a list of some members and topics. It is typed but there are handwritten edits also.

Date: 25 February, 3 March year?

Language: English

RG-03.04.08. Random piece of lined paper 2 including lists of cities and numbers of displaced persons, Jews

RG-03.04.09. Letter to the members of the American Board of Charities concerning their first meeting. 18 April 1948.

RG-03.04.10. Mission statement of the American Board of Charities at Frankfurt Military Post APO 757. It is signed by R. W. Fitzpatrick, Lt. Col. AGD, Adjutant General. [There are 4 copies of this document in possession]

Date: 1 April 1948

Language: English

Location: Frankfurt

RG-03.04.11. Constitution of the GI Council of Frankfurt, Germany. The document states its purpose that is deal with membership, dues, officers, elections, rules of order, amendments, quorum and standing committees. It is signed by Albert Bernstein. The document had to be approved at a meeting and was documented by the recording secretary S. Lidor.

Date: 7 May 1947

Language: English

Location: Frankfurt

RG-03.04.12. Memorandum on Raids conducted in Displaced Persons Camp. This document explains the problem of these camps. There has been a practice of taken advantage of the Displaced persons. In addition, inside the camps they are viewed as second-class citizens. This Memorandum also illustrates how to help Displaced Persons and raises public awareness.

Date: 6 May 1948

Language: English

RG-03.04.13. Memorandum for the President of GI Council of Frankfurt, Germany. It explains the authority of the group, how they operate. It also renders evidences with regard to legitimacy of their claims.  It is signed by David Shippert.

Date: 26 November 1947

Language: English

Location: Frankfurt

RG-03.04.14. “Aims and Policies of the G.I. Council, Frankfurt, Germany.”  This document is the mission statement of the council and further explains their goals.

Date: 28 July 1948

Language: English

Location: Frankfurt

RG-03.04.15. Letter discussing an incident in which a man saw people taking gravestones from a cemetery. They did not seem to have permission to do this so he is informing the proper authorities. Signed, Betram Levine

Date: 1 March 1948

Language: English

Location: Jewish Cemetery and Mikvah on Borner Platz

RG-03.04.1, Monthly MG report, Office of Military Government, Hesse. Simple progress report of supplies and issues.

Date: June 1948

Language: English

Location: various occupied cities

RG-03.04.17, A letter sent out by the Office of Military Government in Berlin, Germany concerning the ownership of motor vehicles by displaced persons. Signed by G.H. Garde, Lt. Col. AGD, Adjutant General.

Date: 28 June 1948

Language: English

Location: various occupied zones

There is also undigitizied collection of military maps, RG-03.M, Map Collection, Maps of Germany and European Regions

RG-03.M. 01, Map of Freiburg with Feldberg and Kandel territory, Germany. Scale: 3cm =2km

Published by Ausführung und Verlag der kartographischen Anstalt von Paasche and Luz in Stuttgart. Date of publication unknown.

RG-03M.02, Map of Hornisgrinde, Territory in Schwarzwald, Germany. Scale: 1cm=0.5km. Publisher and date of publication unknown.

RG-03.M. 03, US Army military map of Giessen Territory, Germany. Scale: 1cm=0.5km.

Prepared by the Army Map Service. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C.

Copied in 1951 from Germany, 1: 50,000, GSGS, Sheet 190.

RG-03.M.04, US Army military map of Paris Nantes Territory, France. Scale: 1cm=5km.

Reproduced at the Command and General Staff College, 1952.

RG-03.M.05, US Army military map of Melitopol Territory, Ukraine, USSR. Scale: 1cm=2.5km.

Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Engineers by the Army Map Service, War Department, Washington, D.C. Compiled in 1947.

RG-03.M.06, US Army military map of North-East France and Belgium. Scale: 1cm=6km. The Map reflects the war-time (ca 1944) the Allied troops positions and activities. The map was issued in France by Service Géographique de L’armée- 136(bis), Rue de Grenelle – Paris-VII (e). The US Army reproduced it at the Command and General Staff School in 1936.

RG-03.M.07, US Army military map of Frankfurt-Mannheim Territory, Germany. Scale: 1cm=1km. Reproduced at the Command and General Staff College, 1951.

RG-03.M.08, US Army military map of Southern Bavaria and the Austrian border at Braunau. Scale: 1cm=1km. Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, 1943.

RG-03.M.09, US Army military map of Frankfurt and Hannover Territories, Germany. Scale: 1cm=2.5km.  Reproduced at the Command and General Staff College, 1952.

RG-03.M.10, US Army military map of Landshut Territory, Lower Bavaria, Germany. Scale: 1cm=1km.

RG-03.M.11, US War and Navy Department. Map of Frankfurt – Aschaffenburg Area, Scale: 1:100,000 or 1 cm: 1 km

A collection of large scale regional maps.  These maps appear to have been used by the Allied’ military and prepared under the direction of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, 1943.

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